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Cookies and Walnuts

Innovation is our recipe for success

We’re on a mission to get healthier and more simple food to people. From our orchards to your next innovative product, we've got you covered with quality nut ingredients you can trust. 



Our roasting equipment allows us to provide the continuous roasting of nuts. Your finished product is customized to your specifications and the desired roast. We can customize your packaging so that you may choose from bulk boxes, premade stand-up pouches, or film from vertical form, fill, and seal equipment.

nut butter manufacturer

Goodness can process a variety of nuts into butter and paste. We can make single-nut butters or custom blend them. Our R&D team can create a customized flavored butter, add a stabilizer, or make a mixed nut butter to your grind specifications. Smooth and silky nut butter is perfect as an ingredient in protein and energy bars, smoothies, baked goods, sauces, dressings, and dips. We can package butter for you in jars up to 28oz as well as 40lb meta pails, and 450lb drums.

We can also slow-roast and season nuts with our pre-made flavor profiles or work with our R&D team to create your own unique flavors. We will be sure to deliver new ideas and flavors to your buying team. We understand that every client has unique requirements. That's why we offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs..



We begin our processes with Napasol pasteurization, a steam vacuum pasteurization technique. This technique has been designed for food safety and allows us to integrate a validated 5 log kill step. Sterilization’s goal is to reduce microbial contamination and extending shelf without sacrificing quality. This means eliminating pathogenic germs and maintaining a low bacterial count. Napasol is an environmentally friendly system which we understand is important to many of our customers.

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We can pack nut butters, raw tree nuts, or seasoned nuts for retail and food service purposes.


We can grind just about any nut to make perfect spreads or give it a finer grind for plant-based milk.

Nut ingredients
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